Dear Nigel,

I ve been meaning to write you about the MK4 box. I received it in perfect condition, and I gave you a perfect, five-star review on eBay! It took a while to merge my energies with it. However, after about half an hour my wife clearly came through in her voice and said a full sentence: That s how I like it! She had been trying to use the device, and she was saying that out of her happiness that she was able to make it work for her!! Then she said my name a couple of times and called me sweetie . My wife passed a long time ago of leukemia, but we are still together and in communication. It s a long story.

She and I are impressed with your skills and your device! Thank you for putting this out to the world. We feel lucky to have your device.

Now that it is finally getting warmer here in northern Illinois, I took the MK4 outside for a test run last Saturday to help some poor trapped souls in a small town to cross back Home(That s what I call Heaven.)

I could hear them saying thank you , and I heard some of their names.

I, and my wife, work with a team from Home to help people who are trapped here after death out of sheer fear of consequences for even small infractions during their lives. We ve been doing this counseling work with the dead since 1994.

I also investigate portal areas, so I took your box to an area with one out in a countryside cemetery. I heard a lot of strange noises, beeping and blooping, very loud! In all my years of investigating, I have never heard anything like it. My wife told me the MK4 was picking up the frequency sounds of the portal opening!! Simply amazing!

By the way, my wife s name is Stacy. She and I thank you abundantly! You are doing fabulous work!! We would like to stay in touch if that is okay with you. I m retired and don t have a computer, but I have this cheap smart phone with small amounts of internet data.  I' d like to send a few photos of portal areas to you from my investigations and see what you think. I m reading your portal book now. You have super information and a nice writing style. Have a wonderful weekend! I look forward to more experiences with the MK4. Tomorrow I m taking to an investigation and crossover at a historic jail in Indiana.



Doug and Stacy :-)


Published in full with kind permission from D.Clack

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'Just received the frank s box we put it in our portal and it the loudest spirit box we have heard, thank you. Do you make any more as we would like to buy some more off you at a later date if ok -  it's ********* awesome, Scott'

'Good price nice bit of kit many thanks'

'great genuine interesting guy, great product and does what it should....👍'

'Totally amazing service provided arrived on the day that was promised A++++'

'Very good person defently happy with the iteam fast delivery well packed happy'


'on the mark with questions about ghost box'

'Pleasure doing business with. A++++++++ very quick delivery.'

'Quality item as described, with very fast delivery and well packaged. Thank you.'

'just amazing love the ghost box its well worth the money and great'


'please send me a second unit. very pleased with it' Robert S.

'Hi Nigel

I just wanted to tell you I received my ghost box and I love it! Thank you so much for putting so much hard work into it. I really appreciate it :).

Thank you so much!


'Thank you so much for the reply and looking forward to its release then. I think hearing how these work wouldn't it be great to have Tesla come threw as he experimented with energy like non other , so I must say your work is impressive keep it up :) Reddragon2210

'Hi there Nigel just wanted to say how impressed I was with your live video last night. Thank you for the link to the construction page I will most definitely make one I'd like to use gold instead of copper as gold is mentioned so much in ancient texts and gold can handle more current than copper. Thank you I got my own ideas on building one. I am looking forward to your next video l, any idea when that would be?' Arrmand Adams

'I tuned in last night Nigel and can say it was great (y) some very interesting stuff sounded like it came through. You should have this as a regular thing (y) hope you can have the echo sorted out for the next instalment :) big thumbs up mate.' Brendan moss

'Well done Nigel here's looking forward to next episode.'  Martin Olbison

' Hi Nigel the cleaned up audio files were a treat to listen to. You could really hear attempts at a connection being made and conversation coming through. Really encouraging! Great work!' Gary Jones