Ilkley Moor's Swastika Stone

 The flattened rock of limestone that hangs over the western edge of Ilkley in the Wharfe Valley below , faces due magnetic north and the symbol had been carved out with its upper most edge facing northwards too. There is a strange carved line at the bottom of the design that looks like a 'hooked tail' and ends in a cup marking. This is found on the south-eastern side of the swastika design. The four arms of the 'Fylfot' (or the Farmers Cross as it was known locally in olden times) are woven around a set of opposing cup indentations; two of these either side of a central cup, in the four directions of NNE, SSE, SSW and NNW. I noted that the two rows of cups running in lines of the design, one set  NNW to SSE and the other NNE to SSW can be extended through an imaginary line to follow a path towards Backstones Circle and beyond. I started to wonder if the Swastika Stone design was a small scale representation of a larger map connecting the other major ancient sites on Ilkley Moor?

The same kind of Swastika Stone carving can be found in other parts of world (in fact, another two of exactly the same kind of motif with even the extended arm and cup mark as found at Ilkley; one in Sweden and another in Greece.) and these seem to form a triangle when their locations are joined together. This cannot be pure coincidence. What connected ancient people living thousands of miles apart, unknown to each other, to come up with the same idea for the carving at around the same time period in our history? Maybe it had been 'presented' to them from somewhere unobserved but sensed at a subconscious level?

'Neolithic man (or maybe early Bronze Aged Man) , I believe, inherently recognised the energy at the Swastika Stone site and placed his mark at that particular place. He was probably a natural dowser and may have instinctively absorbed the subtle flows of the cosmic wind, sometimes spiralling at nearby water sources, underground and above the surface level. A holistic view to his natural environment was something that was just a part of his everyday life. However, in his failure to better understand the true scientific nature of what was happening, these energies, god-forms would be worshipped and revered allowing the site energy to manifest deities within the visual spectrum.'


'the Swastika Stone design itself holds both positive and negative electro-magnetic flow (pranic energy) and these revolve around a neutral central core of the same kind of energy which seems to exist within the auric field of the carving.  When dowsing it seems that these flows emanating from each of the cups at the end of the swastika arms swirl upwards for a distance of about a metre or so becoming like cones of energy as they do so. I speculate that these cones of energy are somehow 'housed' within the quartz and granite that make up the stone and released at certain times. The cup indentations that make up the whole carving, when dowsed over with a pendulum show these positive and negative flows clearly.'