The Mk3.1 has been updated!

There are two major things that I wanted the FCD units to have. One, a robust case that would last many visits to sites and two, a simple way to operate it so that everyone can use the FCD.

Something kept nagging at me about the FCD Mk3.1 - it didn't really possess both of those attributes, but it certainly was a nice looking unit. So, over the  2017 Christmas period I have been thinking about this and the dilemma I had was how could I keep the overall looks of the unit but give it a facelift so that it  could become a more robust piece of equipment?

Out of much pondering (and a couple of xmas drinks)the FCD Mk4 - On Site was born. I am very happy with this unit as it answers both of the mentioned questions concerning build and ease of use, plus with a brand new receiver installed, it seems to work even better than its predecessor.

ps. the control panel is not as 'bright luminous pink' as it appears in this video!

Would you like to own the FCD MK4

Nigel is producing a run of these units for you to buy direct from the website. Each unit is identical and uses exactly the same components that Nigel uses in his original FCD Mk 3 seen in the Live sessions.

Remember, this is not a simple crystal radio device or hacked ghost box that can be found elsewhere. The FCD has been designed and built through knowledge channelled to Nigel from the E.T. intelligence's who wish to make contact with humanity. He has incorporated the essential 5th Element of the Etheric Energy, which enhances the copper bound crystals that are situated within the 'swastika' symbol of the device.


  • 1 x  Branded New  Fylfot Communications Device (FCD) Mk 4 ON SITE, fully assembled and tested as working perfectly.
  • 1 x  5V Rechargeable Battery
  • At Home or Portable power systems through USB
  • 1 x  Instructions
  •  12 months back to base warranty



  • Quality Sound Radio - Amplifier adjusted to sweep frequencies.
  • 5th Element Quartz Crystal (copper wound) amplified antenna
  • 8W quality Loudspeaker (MONO OUTPUT)
  • Easy Layout Control Buttons
  • Tough Wood paneled & plastic Case
  • BLUETOOTH Conectivity
  • Reverb Effect Control
  • Sound to Light Illumination
  • FM & AUX /TF CARD/ USB/ Headphone IN / Out Jacks
  • ORIGINAL 5th Element genuine quartz crystal point (copper wound antenna)
  • 9V DC Power Supplied AMP & REVERB units
  • 5V USB Charger INPUT (you can use your phone charger, etc) for Receiver unit
  • Metal Corner and Speaker Grille Protectors
  • Instructions and Warranty
  • Return to base repairs for 1 year FREE
  • All hand made for a top quality and durable item


The complete unit is packaged  securely to avoid any damage in transit. Every FCD Mk4 is insured up to the value of the unit for loss or damage in transit. Full instructions come with each unit on the printed guide. 


OVERSEAS: Please contact email for rates to your country. Typical most countries approx £25 - £30

Fylfot Communications Device (FCD) Mk4 ON SITE


FREE POSTAGE IN THE UK / USA most regions £26.00

Email for postage fee for overseas. (Most destinations £20 - 30 P&P by Int. Courier)

*PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FOR AN ORDER TO BUILD YOUR UNIT BY NIGEL MORTIMER. This can take up to 2 months depending on workloads. Nigel always tries to get your build to you as soon as possible in every case and will keep you updated on its progress. 


  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-30 days