George Adamski and the Swastika

Famous UFO contactee George Adamski claimed to have made physical contact with humanoid beings from the planet Venus in the 1950's.  He claimed that he was given photographic plates which showed on them strange hieroglyphic - like symbols. In the footprints left in the Californian deserts where the encounters took place, Adamski claimed  there were further symbols, amongst them the design of the 'swastika' or fylfot (farmers cross). He was given the impression that these symbolic designs were representing a way that communication could be made between humans and the Venusians. 

The swastika symbol that Adamski received  looked so similar to the one found on Ilkley Moor, which is believed to be over 3000 years old. The arms of the design show the known four elements of nature: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, but the 'fylfot' indicates that there is a 5th Element that remains mostly unknown to humanity (represented by the arm and 'cup' off to the right of the swastika carving).  Through intensive research into the works of Tesla, Adamski and other UFO contactees / forward thinking inventors,  I began to realise that this fifth element was all around us everywhere and had always been so since the beginnings of time. It is the Ether, something that mainstream science ignores as a possibility, bar a few scientists who working at the quantum level of sub-atomic particles, draw closer through dark energy to realise the ether is real.

But I thought there was no intelligent life on Venus?

Current science tells us that there is no physical life on Venus because of its hostile environment with immense temperatures that can melt rock.  Quantum physics however, is beginning to understand that there are other dimensional states of reality which are normally invisible to us and it is within these different vibrations that the Venusians (and other lifeforms) exist. These beings are able to work with the etheric energy fields and input knowledge that we are only just beginning to understand.

Above: One of Adamski's Venusian contacts, Orthon. Left: Adamski claimed to have taken many photographs of the Venusian scout ships.