08. August 2017
The date for the live testing of the FCD has been put back to Sunday 20th August 2017.
15. July 2017
The wait is over! I am thrilled to announce that the initial test run will be LIVE here to view on the LIVE EVENT page.
02. July 2017
About a week away from running the first tests at home and live on FB.
08. April 2017
I am working on a template for the outer case design. I want to give it that older look of a radio set, but incorporate the essential 'fylfot' symbolism in it. I also intend to add two new features -a built in amp and speaker and mic input within the actual unit. This is not the complete set up design -there is still the addition of the crystal antenna's to accommodate. Have a look at the developments page of the website.

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03. April 2017
The FCD Mk2 is taking shape now and looks really neat in the smaller wooden box. All of the circuitry is connected to the lid of the case, so that it is easy to get to should any repairs be needed in future. I am experimenting with the range of the antenna and may look at changing the capacitor control knob to something a little more appealing to the eye. All in all, the FCD is looking like it should, so on now to the main testing of the device in the next few days.

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31. March 2017
Great News, the wood case arrived this morning in the post, so now I can make a start putting the Mk2 together. Going to be a busy weekend with the soldering iron and the drill. Love the box (case) -it's just as I imagined it would be. Photo's coming soon of the build in progress.

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30. March 2017
Just about finished designing the FCD website and I am quite happy with it. I am still waiting for the case to construct the Mk2 unit into which is coming in the post in next few days. I hope to have the build completed by Sat 15th April 2017, when a live demonstration is scheduled for.