24. December 2017
Keith Proctor is the proud owner of the first FCD Mk3.1 that I have built for him.
16. December 2017
If you have ordered an FCD unit from me, you will have it by the start of the New Year, I have been delayed by a nasty cold over the past two weeks...but working hard to rectify that.
05. December 2017
Battling through the traditional pre-xmas man-flu, now a blasted tickly cough that's driving me mad(!), but at least it looks like Santa's workshop in here
28. November 2017
Using the FCD, we attempted to communicate with the spirit of Lizzie Borden......
28. November 2017
My apologies for not running the FCD Roswell session last weekend.
05. November 2017
Customers who have bought the FCD from me have been giving me valuable input too.
24. October 2017
The whole point for creating the FCD is so that it can be taken out into the field and used at locations.
22. October 2017
News: The date for this live session has changed again.
03. October 2017
Quite a few people are confused as to why I should suddenly start making an ET communication device (the FCD), when I already channel? Let me explain...
02. October 2017
Introducing the new version of the FCD Portable Mk2. Full details coming soon.

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