14. October 2017
Unfortunately, I am going to have to delay the 2nd live session with the FCD from 15th October to the 22nd October 2017 as I am awaiting new video and audio equipment to arrive early next week. I want the next session to be error free and my old equipment did not really serve this purpose. I apologise for the short delay, but I am sure it will be worth it. Remember also, the weekend after the 22nd (on the 29th October 2017), we will be holding a Roswell FCD Special LIVE session, so make sure...
03. October 2017
Quite a few people are confused as to why I should suddenly start making an ET communication device (the FCD), when I already channel? Let me explain...
02. October 2017
Introducing the new version of the FCD Portable Mk2. Full details coming soon.
25. September 2017
Request to buy the FCD unit from people who are interested in taking this project forward.
20. September 2017
I am in the process of writing a book about the FCD and how the Contactee George Adamski inspired me to research the 5th Element found in the Fylfot symbol. The book will look at those pioneers who have been inspired to make ITC devices in an attempt to make contact with ET's in the past and I give the deepest understanding I have about the FCD and how it works. The book is also a kind of technical manual on how to operate the FCD to get the best results, tests with the unit and projects to...
04. September 2017
I have been working on the new design of a more portable FCD unit and it is 99% complete. Like the previous FCD, this final version incorporates an FM radio sweep amplified by the 5th Element - in this case a quartz crystal that has been energised by channeling. The sound output on the unit is now very clear (no background static ) and the amplifier is a 30W one running at 12V. There is still line out for recording built in, LCD digital display and the possibility to attach Android and Apple...
08. August 2017
The date for the live testing of the FCD has been put back to Sunday 20th August 2017.
15. July 2017
The wait is over! I am thrilled to announce that the initial test run will be LIVE here to view on the LIVE EVENT page.
02. July 2017
About a week away from running the first tests at home and live on FB.
08. April 2017
I am working on a template for the outer case design. I want to give it that older look of a radio set, but incorporate the essential 'fylfot' symbolism in it. I also intend to add two new features -a built in amp and speaker and mic input within the actual unit. This is not the complete set up design -there is still the addition of the crystal antenna's to accommodate. Have a look at the developments page of the website.

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