FAQ for potential buyers of the unit:

Please use this list to look for answers to any questions you may have about the FCD Mk 3. If you cannot find an answer here, get in touch with Nigel on the Contacts page and he will be happy to assist you.

Is the FCD unit ready to work with as soon as I receive it?

Yes. The only thing you have to do is connect the power supply or insert the supplied 9V Lithium Battery.  You can listen to it with the built in amplifier and speaker or you can connect the unit to an external sound amplifier or your PC sound in if you want to record your sessions. All the instructions come included with your unit.


Do FCD units work for everyone?

They work for anyone who is willing to explore all possibilities using the unit.  The process is a gentle one and does require your cooperation and willingness, truthfulness and respect for those you are trying to contact with it. You remain in the driver's seat, but if you follow the advice given freely by Nigel, there is no reason why you cannot use this device to communicate with ET's and departed spirits too. Everything is energy and we are all linked.


Why has the FCD come into being at this time?

We are at a junction in history where our own scientific discoveries are beginning to show us that other dimensional states exist. The FCD unit gives people access to those realities. For one, FCD's allow easy access to non-beta brain wave states, working at the subconscious level of the mind, and people want to be able to explore the unknown and eventually make direct contact with those just like us that live in these other realities. The FCD is especially designed to access parallel universes by the inclusion of the 5th Element inductor.


Is the FCD suitable for children?

Not really. The FCD is not a gimmick or a game. It is a device that is based on science and metaphysics to some degree. It could be the case that some children would be scared if they heard unusual noises or voices coming from the device, so best to keep it away from children unless you can supervise them. Also, there are some who will say it is not wise to use such devices as they may attract harmful spirits and negative energies. In my forthcoming book about the FCD, I will be explaining how and why you should learn to protect yourself and the environment in which you use the unit to be on the safe side. Having said that, keeping a positive 'intention' and knowing what sources you want to communicate with, helps to keep things very safe. Also, from a common sense point of view it is always wise to keep young children away from any electrical device unsupervised.


Will the FCD work anywhere in the house and can I take it to haunted sites or UFO hotspots, etc.?

The unit is designed to be used in most places, but like any sensitive electrical /radio equipment  try to keep it away from other devices like TV's , Fridges, Microwaves, etc.  In most cases, where thee is a good radio signal, the FCD will work very well. I always wanted the FCD to be something that could be mobile, so the latest version (the MK3.1) has a built in battery supply which can be recharged at intervals. This will allow th eunit to be operated away from domestic power supplies.


Can anyone else use my FCD unit?

Yes. Whoever uses the unit is the person who is instantly connected with the ether field  produced by it. It helps if the person operating the FCD touches the case (which will happen anyway when they turn the tuning knob), so that they align themselves with the device and any signals being received by it.  If you work within a group of people with the FCD, then you can all ask questions and direct them to the ET source for replies and information.


Are there any guarantees that I will make contact with ET Beings using this device?

I cannot say that this will happen every time. A number of factors come into this. How do you know if anyone is at the other other end of a telephone line when you make a call until they answer it? You might try the device one day and get lots of responses. Another day, nothing at all. One thing I am certain of, is that the more you use the FCD, the better chance you have of this happening. It's all about building a relationship with these Beings through using the device on a regular basis.


Does the FCD come with any sales guarantees?

Yes. If you are not happy in any way with your device, as long as you return it in as new condition within 30 days, we will be happy to either replace it for another new unit or offer a full refund excluding postage and packing. Your FCD unit comes with a 12 month back to base warranty if it starts to malfunction in any way and I will be happy to repair this free of charge in that time.


Can I contact the Spirit World using the FCD?

Although the FCD was not built specifically to contact the Spirit World, it can be used to do so if the intention is there. All lifeforms carry an etheric energy, whether they be from this Earth or elsewhere, so the principles by which the FCD works are very similar to those used when connecting with the spirit world through the ether. There have been recorded instances where human spirits have come through on the FCD already and have supplied some convincing evidence and information.


Can I get a discount if I buy more than one FCD unit?

Yes, of course.  You should contact Nigel to discuss this via the Contacts Page on this website.  Production of the FCD at this time is on an order by order basis as it takes time to build each specific  unit. Please bare this in mind when ordering your unit as it may take up to 30 days before you receive it. Due to this, Nigel is not supplying the FCD to retailers at this time.


How can I be sure that I am buying a quality product when there are so many gimmicks of poor quality out there ?

This is not a mass produced item and it will never be one. There is a part of the process in building this device that relies on the personal input of Nigel Mortimer, so it would be impossible to have these made in an automated way, unlike many other 'products'. Every single unit is built by hand over several hours / days/ weeks , using only quality components. Each unit, although looking basically the same, is unique through the energy given into it at the time of the build.  Some people are charging £1000's for these kinds of spirit radio units (which are really just 'broken or hacked radios), but they do not have the FCD unique 5th element in their builds. Because I want as many people to be able to own one of these FCD's and test it themselves, I am selling the unit at a fraction of their  unjustified prices, but this does not mean that it has a lack of quality. In fact, we believe the FCD is a superior product in many senses.