FCD launch NEW FM ghost box radio...with static!

The FCD Ghost Box Hacked Radio is a hit with most ghosthunters who are looking to buy an affordable box to take out on their investigations, but one or two have suggested that it needs to have that classic background static  (white noise) behind the sweep to make a it 'true' ghost box.  I prefer the clearer sounds  coming through via DSP, but I have listened to these suggestions and think that I have found an amazing little radio that fits the bill with the static lovers.

Soon to be available on 18th April 2018, I present the 'FCD GHOST BOX STATIC SWEEP FM '.  This quality radio has been adjusted so that it can sweep up or down the entire FM range with bursts of white noise  underlying the 1-2 second snippets of audio. Not only that, the device has  some new extra features too: built in extending antenna, built in mini torch,  built in loudspeaker, aux out jack,  adjustable volume control and continous sweep. Simple to use and very effective.


As always with the FCD range, I want to keep my prices affordable so this one is going to be listed at only £25.99 (plus P&P).  

The ghost box and interior hack are copyright protected. FCD 2018


I will be demo testing the radio over the weekend of 13/o4/2018 to 15/04/2018 on Facebook LIVE. So keep an eye out for that.