'The Beast!'

Working on the FCD CC (Central Control) Box. This is BIG, so big we call it 'the beast'! LOL

I will be testing the unit soon as I fulfill all my orders for the MK4's and 3.1's which are keeping me mega busy at this time and are being shipped all over the world.  I am currently waiting for parts, so I thought I'd put some spare time to building 'the beast'.  It is only part built in the photo, so I'll be updating that soon with the finished item. I am not going to be mass-producing this unit as it takes a while to build, but will make more from time to time and take orders from anyone who would like to own one.

So, what's 'the beast' all about: Well, it's based on the MK3.1 's amp module (so a bit of a throwback) but it also has some useful added components too. The BIG case it is all housed in should give a great sound, plus it  still contains the 5th Elelment crystal inductor.

I'll be finishing it off soon and test running it live on this site -maybe next month or sooner. This unit, unlike the MK4, is built to be placed in a static environment (maybe a UFO or Ghost Investigators group base) and could become a vital part of your 'communication' set up. More news coming soon.