Santa's Workshop FCD

Battling through the traditional pre-xmas man-flu, now a blasted tickly cough that's driving me mad(!), but at least it looks like Santa's workshop in here as I prepare and work on orders of the FCD for customers and friends. Anyone know any elves that are looking for a job! ? LOL.

I have been blown away by the support for the FCD and happy to say that people are buying the unit to test in their own projects, investigations, etc.  I have been discussing with one such customer and friend who lives in Australia on the other side of the world, how we could use the FCD units at the same time and compare results coming through. This would be very interesting to see if any influences can relate the same info into seperate units at a vast physical distance? 

Other's  have said to me that they are going to use their FCD's at portal sites in their own respective countries, which I am pleased about, as this was the sole intention when the communication channeled to me concerning the creation of the device, first came through. I think the FCD will work best at these natural sites in the landscape. We will see when this happens.

Well, just a quick blog this one as I have quite a few orders to fulfill and (cough, cough, cough, splutter, cough) time waits for no one.