FCD MK3.1 What's New?

Customers who have bought the FCD from me have been giving  valuable input too. They have said that it would be better if the unit was more portable, if it could include a way to charge a battery when on the move,  and the inclusion of a dual DC-Battery system. Well, I listed to you all and have now included all of these in the new 3.1 version. Anyone who is waiting for their order for a build to be fulfilled, will receive the latest 3.1 version (with all of these extras) included at no extra charge.

There is a new slant on the overall look of the unit too, but keeping in lines with the Mk3 as it was. The front panel has had an upgrade and now includes a mains or battery selector switch so both power supplies cannot be on at the same time, a sweep switch and a new radio display fascia. Cosmetically the unit looks a lot nicer too with a natural wood stain and varnish finish and control knobs, instruments are clearly marked. The wooden box is protected by metal brass-coloured corner guards . What I feel will be the most useful addition is the 5V USB connector port which will allow the 9V lithium battery to be charged up while inside the FCD. This is achieved with a nifty little voltage step up controller which can power the amplifier between 5V and 12V.