Channeling versus The FCD

When I first received channelled information about creating the FCD , inwardly I knew that this would raise the question 'why?' when for many years I have claimed  to have been communicating with a Celestial Entity called Sharlek.  Too many, this seems like a validation that my channeling is not real and I have looked at other possibilities to try communicate with ET's.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The FCD, which in essence is an electronic device/radio, is just another tool with which we can use to establish communication. It does not replace channeling. In fact, channeling (mind to mind energy) is my preferred method of communication, but there is a very sensible reason why the FCD plays an important part in all of this. 


Most channelling's (whoever undertakes them) are a very personal thing  that takes place in the subconscious part of the 'receiver's' mind.  It is only when they choose to interprate and narrate channelled messages that they become known to other people in the 'conscious' mind. This in affect is a transference of energy from electrical impulses received by channelling  from the ET source to the channeller and then the human mind/brain of the channeller projects them as audible sounds.  Although it might not look the same at first glance, the FCD is doing exactly the same thing, but instead of using a flesh and blood instrument (the human body/mind) to 'receive and translate' this channelled energy, it uses 'created electrical parts' to transform and transfer the same energy into radio waves and sounds. In both circumstances, the channeller and the FCD unit are both created from the existing energy of this earth plane and so share a common 'creative essence' that allows both, although seemingly very different, to act in a very similar way. 


However, this still does not fully answer why I would create the FCD when I and many others already channel this energy more directly than using an electrical instrument.  The only answer to that, is the FCD is not for channellers' to use in the main. It is for the many people who feel for whatever reasons they may have, that they cannot channel, but still wish to communicate with ET's. The FCD is a way of introducing these people to the fact that we can communicate with entities that are not of this dimension /this world, but are so close to all of us that many would be astounded at this mostly unobserved reality.  Of course I will continue to work with the FCD, because in these early days of experimentation with the unit, it is better that we try  to show how and why it really works and I will be explaining all of that as I experiment with it in future times.

When I first started to channel Sharlek, it was about building up a trust and a knowing that his source was real and existed somewhere away from the everyday world that I was used to. For quite a long time, I was given snippets of information from Sharlek that would be prophetic in nature and this helped me to understand his reality better when these things happened. Sometimes, he would lead me to situations in which I would establish UFO truths -for example give me visions of places previously unknown to me where UFO sightings would take place . Alongside a nagging urge to visit these places, I would have UFO experiences at them or maybe feel energies or secure photographic evidence.

Working with the FCD is just the same. Some of the information coming through it  will feel right and will inspire the user to look deeper into what is taking place. Sometimes there will be factual information coming through that is unknown at the time. New information, that will not only inspire, but will (I hope) lead many to establish there own mind to mind consciousness relationships with ET's races like that of Sharlek.