Requests to buy the FCD

After the initial live session with the FCD, I have been asked by a number of people if I could build a unit for them. As you know, I have already posted instructions on how to build a portable version of the FCD which I direct people to all of the time. However, the wooden box version (Mk3) of the FCD has better parts inside it and is more durable. Obviously, these parts are more expensive and so the unit was in itself, more expensive for me to build. I have estimated that the cost of all parts and labour (it takes me about 2 weeks to build a unit ) is around £120. Many of you will know that there are 'ghost boxes' on the market (which are essentially 'broken or hacked radios') that sell for over £1000 which is ridiculous and I deplore those who are selling them for that kind of money which can never be justified.  So, I have decided for anyone who wants an FCD Mk3 building on order, I can do this for £175 (free p&p in UK) and extra p&p overseas.  Thus, in affect, I am only making £50 on two weeks work on each unit I sell, which I feel is much more fair to the buyer/user. This is not about selling and making lots of money out of a gimmick. It is about using the FCD as a serious project . I know others will want to take part in that project and use the FCD, so I am happy to help them where I can.  I will be listing the MK3 builds (on a one to one order basis) soon. Info about it will be on here.